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Folded Biltmore Rigid Jeans

Biltmore Jeans – Rigid

The dark wash of our Rigid, Baltimore Jeans give you the ability to dress them up with a fitted shirt...
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Folded Black Biltmore Jeans

Biltmore Jeans – Black

Our Black, Baltimore Jeans, our relaxed fitting mid-rise jean with a straight leg, will keep you handsome and comfortable all...
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Kentucky Rigid Folded Jeans

Kentucky Jeans – Rigid

Hit the streets in effortless style with our Kentucky – Rigid Jeans. This cut is a classic straight leg jean...
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Pub Jeans - Rigid - Front

Pub Jeans – Rigid

Show off your style in our slimmest fitting jeans. Our Rigid, Pub Jeans are a slim, straight 5 pocket jean...
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We didn’t make our jeans for men that have deep pockets, but for those who want deep pockets.  All our jeans have our signature 12 inch deep pockets, designed with a purpose.
Our DPJC jeans are made with 100% cotton denim milled by the premiere American Denim maker at the Cone Denim Mill, White Oak, Greensboro, North Carolina USA. You can’t make denim better.
Our finishes, buttons, zippers and rivets are made by Kai USA at their plant in West Virginia. While we were investigating the best finishes for our jeans, we came across a story of a man, George S. Wing, who started his business in his garage in DPJC’s hometown of Hermosa Beach. Turns out that George was the inventor of the Hi-Shear rivet.
Inside the right main pocket is a traditional coin or pocket watch pocket. Just like our main pockets, they are large enough to be truly useful and are secured to the body of the jean with our signature Hi-Shear replica rivet.
Sick of digging in your pocket for your phone? Included in all of our jeans is a ancillary pocket specifically designer for a cell phone. The cell phone pocket is large enough for the larger phones such as the iphone plus sizes and located below the left hip to ensure comfort while sitting.
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