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Boys’ Haircuts

Boys’ Haircuts | Cut Guide

Want to give your little guy a cool and stylish cut? Here are some of the most common boy haircut styles we see in our shop.


The side-swept cut is perfect for boys. This cut is a more polished and hair-flip-free version of the popular Justin Bieber style. Best for all face shapes, this cut follows the natural division of the hair – brushing each section to its own side.

Little to no product is needed for this style. Add a little pomade to to keep bangs from falling.

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is the perfect cut for your little guy. This boy’s haircut gives off a sense of spunk, while also providing dignified style. The cut features tapered sides and, like a mohawk, keeps the top ultra long.

With some wax or gel, all you have to do is brush your faux hawk towards each other.

Short Pompadour

The short pompadour is a tapered cut that keeps the sides short and the top long – giving the Elvis look. The long top can be brushed back for an edgier look or swept to the side for a more classic look.

The short pompadour requires a little more love than other styles. Use a liberal amount of product and a comb in your preferred direction to accomplish this look

Long and Shaggy

The long and shaggy cut is accomplished by letting your kid’s hair grow out. No matter the texture – curly, straight, or kinky – this style can be accomplished on any hair type.

The long and shaggy cleans up the bangs and trims up the ends to give a styled, yet textured look.

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