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Deluxe Hot Towel Shave

Deluxe Hot Towel Shaves in Hermosa Beach

You’ll never feel better than you will after a deluxe hot towel shave. Our deluxe hot towel shave will give you the close, comfortable shave that you crave, while being ultra relaxed. Here’s what you can expect.

Step 1: Pre-Shave

Our deluxe hot towel shave starts off with a thick layer of pre-shaving products. we liberally apply our high-quality shaving soaps to your face and neck to get your face ready for an amazing, close shave.

Step 2: Apply the Hot Towel

Unlike other so-called barber shops, we have a state-of-the-art hot towel warmer that heats up your essential-oil-infused towel for a more relaxing shave. Starting from the chin, we’ll wrap a steaming hot towel around your face to get your beard ready for the shave.

Step 3: Lather

After your relaxing time with the hot towel, we’ll start lathering you up with some of the best shaving supplies on the market to soften your beard and prep your face for the shave.

Step 4: The Shave

Using a sterile, sharp straight razor, we’ll begin to shave your beard. With minimal pressure and old school techniques, you’ll get the close shave that you crave.

Step 5: After Shave & Nape Shave Treatment

One of the best parts about our deluxe hot towel shave is the after shave treatment. After your shave, we’ll apply some of the best aftershave products to keep your face clean and ensure that your shave will last longer. We’ll clean up your nape and send you off feeling more refreshed than ever before.

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