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Hot Towel Shave

Traditional Hot Towel Shaves

Many guys don’t know the importance of quality shave. With the right tools, procedures, and techniques, a barber should be able to give you a perfectly shaved, smooth face free from razor burn and cuts or nicks.

Close, Comfortable Shave

Here’s what you can expect from our barbers during your hot towel shave.

Step 1: Pre-Shave

At Deep Pocket Jean, we start off our sought after hot towel shave with a thick lather of quality shaving supplies. Using a damp, natural boar bristle brush, we apply a liberal amount of shaving soap to your face and neck, prepping your skin for a smooth shave.

Step 2: Hot Towel

Using our state-of-the-art towel warmer, we heat up our plush towels, doused in essential oils – wrapping it over your face, starting from the chin.

Step 3: Lather

After sitting with the relaxing hot towel, we wash the pre-shave soap away and start to prep for the actual shave. We liberally applying shaving lather to the desired area to soften the beard.

Step 4: The Shave

Assessing the shape and details of your face, we begin to shave, starting from the tip of the beard. Using a sterile, sharp blade, we use minimal pressure to give you a close, clean, and comfortable shave.

Step 5: Post Shave Cool Down

After the shave, we apply a cool, conditioning towel for added relaxation. Finishing off with a moisturizing face massage, you’ll walk out protected and fresh.

At Deep Pocket Jean, all of our barbers take pride in their art. Each using their own style, our barbers give the closest shave in Los Angeles. Stop in today and leave feeling completely refreshed with a face as smooth as your whiskey tastes.

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