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Men’s Hair Care

Top-Notch Men’s Hair Care Products

Great hair can be bought. Having the right men’s hair care products is the key to unlock your luscious locks. Fortunately for you, we carry the products you need achieve effortless style and give you a look the ladies just want to run their hands through. Browse our men’s hair care products below.

eggs in a wooden bowl on the table from the old boards

Hair Care Tip #1: Egg Wash

Are you thinning up there? If you’re starting to notice your hair hair is frail or brittle, give it an egg wash. Yes, we literally mean washing your hair with an egg. You many think we’re crazy, but an egg wash will restore protein back into your hair. Try an egg wash once a month to bulk up your follicles and strengthen your hair.

Hair Care Tip #2: Less is More

Stop. Put down that tub of neon green goo. Before you go scooping a massive amount of product in your hair, remember that less is more. Start with a quarter-sized amount, and add more if needed. Ditch that greasy look and sport a more natural, effortless look with less product.

Hair Trim Regular Trims

Hair Care Tip #3: Regular Trims

As your hair sprouts out of your head, it’s no longer growing — it’s just getting older. The hair that’s on your head right now can be anywhere from 6 – 10 years old. Mind. Blown. With regular haircuts, you’ll keep those old, damaged hairs at bay and keep your hairstyle looking fresh.

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